What is a 360 degree video?

A 360 degree video provides a completely new viewing experience, where viewers can look around 360 degrees. It is a kind of virtual tour where you have the freedom to explore every detail. Beeldsterk takes you on this visual journey that breaks the boundaries of traditional video production. With our 360 degree videos, we create a complete experience that truly immerses you in the image. 

We use advanced recording and editing techniques to ensure an interactive experience. Whether creating a virtual tour, demonstrating a product or telling a compelling story, our 360 degree videos go beyond the usual viewing experience. Discover for yourself the added value of 360 degree video and let your audience experience an event that will be remembered for a long time.

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With a 360 degree video made by Beeldsterk, you can discover for yourself the many benefits of a VR video. We offer a total experience optimized for any device, from smartphones to tablets, allowing your customers to experience your business in a completely new way.

What sets our 360 degree videos apart is the interaction we can integrate. In addition to placing the viewer in the middle of the action, we give viewers the ability to choose their own path through hotspots. Text and video animations can be subtly added to clarify key moments and create even deeper engagement. In addition, a customized 360 degree video can significantly improve business processes. Think about training employees more efficiently or optimizing the maintenance and support process. Beeldsterk makes your business stand out with a high-quality video, where we create not just content, but an experience that truly impresses and delivers concrete results.

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The power of Virtual Reality (VR) in videos

Virtual Reality (VR) is not just a trend, it is a new way we can experience videos. VR allows viewers to become fully immersed in the content, making them no longer passive spectators, but active participants in the experience. The impact of VR extends beyond the visual experience alone. It has the ability to evoke profound emotions and leave a lasting impression. Whether exploring a new location, training employees or presenting products, VR video adds a new dimension to your content. We harness the power of VR to create VR videos that are not just viewed, but truly experienced. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact us and we will gladly discuss with you how these technologies can bring your message to life.

A structured approach 360 degree video, here's how we work

We use a structured approach, so you can have a high-quality 360 degree video made. Our process is divided into three phases: pre-production, production and post-production.


In the pre-production phase, we work with you to define the purpose and message of the 360 degree video. We develop a creative concept, draft the script and meticulously plan the shoot. In doing so, we always consider the unique needs and goals of your business.


Once pre-production is complete, we switch to the production phase. Our expert team of videographers, sound specialists and other professionals ensure that the filming runs smoothly. We use advanced equipment and techniques to capture both image and sound at a professional level. During the filming, we strive to capture the authentic spirit of your business and convey the message convincingly.


The production is followed by the post-production phase, in which we carefully edit and assemble the collected footage and audio. We add appropriate music, graphics and any voice-over to bring the video to life. In doing so, we strive for a professional presentation that reinforces the video's message and optimizes the viewing experience. Throughout this process, we stay in regular contact with you to gather feedback and make any necessary adjustments so that the end result fully meets your expectations.

360 degree video production by Beeldsterk

Choosing Beeldsterk means choosing a partner that combines passion and expertise to bring your vision to life. Our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation ensures that every 360 degree video becomes a powerful, immersive experience. Every project is unique, which is why we go beyond just capturing images - we tell stories that move. Are you ready to amplify your corporate communications and want a 360 degree video created that really stands out? Together, we'll create a visual experience that not only impresses, but gets results. Now is the time to take the first step. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you tell your story.

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