What is a branding video?

A branding video is a visual story that shares the essence of your brand with your audience. It is designed to present your company's values, mission and personality in a way that appeals and makes an emotional connection with viewers. It stands out from other types of corporate movies.

For example, where a product video focuses on the features and benefits of a particular product, a branding video is about conveying the identity and promise of your brand to your customers. It is an opportunity to show what you stand for and why customers should choose you.

Branding video
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Types of brand videos

At Beeldsterk, we take a structured approach to creating different types of brand videos. Consider the following options:

  • Employer branding video: This video gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into your company. It shows what makes your organization special and helps potential employees get an authentic impression of the company culture and values.
  • Personal branding video: This is all about showing the face behind the brand. As a business owner, you get to present yourself and build a personal connection with your audience. This type of video is ideal for building trust and credibility.
  • Product branding video: Want to showcase your products? This video highlights the features, benefits and value of your products in a compelling way. It is a powerful tool to convince potential customers of the value your products have to offer.

Each type of brand video has its own unique power to reinforce your brand identity and leave a lasting impression with your target audience.

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Branding video
Branding video

Why have a branding video made?

A branding video is a powerful tool for strengthening your brand identity. It allows you to communicate the essence of your company, your mission and values in an engaging and emotional way. Visual storytelling allows your brand's core values and mission to come to life, helping customers build an affective connection and more easily identify with your brand. Moreover, visual storytelling attracts the attention and engagement of your target audience because it appeals to people on a deeper level than text or images alone. In addition, a well-made brand video contributes to brand recognition, making your brand stick in the memory of your target audience and stand out in a competitive market. In short, a branding video is an investment in the future of your brand, promoting brand identity, engagement and recognition.

Branding video
Our working method for professional videos The unique approach of Beeldsterk

At Beeldsterk, we take a unique approach that consists of three essential phases: pre-production, production and post-production. Our approach is based on years of experience in creating branding videos that reveal the power of your brand and touch viewers on a deeper level. With Beeldsterk, you can count on a thorough and professional approach to every stage of the video production process, from concept to creation. The result? Branding videos that not only strengthen your brand, but also leave lasting impressions with your target audience.


In the pre-production stage, everything starts with an in-depth creative session, where we establish your brand identity, develop the story, determine the look and feel and create a detailed production plan. This is the stage where we bring all the ideas and information together so that we maintain focus on your vision and goals.


During the production stage, we move into action. We start with a crew briefing to make sure everyone understands the vision. During the shooting days, we bring your story to life using professional equipment. We strive to capture the essence of your brand in a creative and impactful way.


In the post-production phase, we perfect the video with editing, audio design, color editing, visual effects and flawless export. We take your feedback into account so that we can finish the professional branding video entirely according to your wishes.

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Have a branding video made by Beeldsterk

Considering having a branding video made? Beeldsterk is here to enhance your brand identity in a unique and impactful way. With our expertise in employer branding videos, personal branding videos and product branding videos, we can bring your story to life. We understand the power of visual storytelling and its benefits for brand recognition and engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and find out how we can work together to bring your brand to life with a professional branding video.

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Branding video
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