What is an interactive video?

An interactive video refers to a unique approach to video production that creates an engaging and visually appealing medium for conveying information or telling a story. Compared to traditional video, this animated style of video brings an extra layer of visual creativity and complexity. This helps to capture and hold the viewer's attention. 

It uses animated elements to provide a clear, understandable and engaging presentation capable of simplifying complex concepts or presenting a business in a unique way. At Beeldsterk, we work closely with you to develop an interactive video that is not only beautiful, but also effective in communicating your message to your desired audience.

Interactive video
Interactive video
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An interactive video goes a step further than a regular video. It provides an immersive experience in which the viewer is in control. This active engagement holds the attention in a way that conventional or linear videos cannot. This allows the viewer to take immediate action or indicate what information is relevant to them.

Unlike traditional videos in which a call to action (CTA) is often placed as a textual addition, in an interactive video it is an integral part of the viewing experience. It not only compels the viewer to take action, but makes that action inevitable. In a world where audiences' attention spans are limited, this is an important difference. An interactive video provides a unique opportunity to lead the viewer to the desired action, resulting in a significant increase in conversion rates.

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Give your viewers the choice!

One of the most notable advantages of interactive video lies in its ability to provide targeted guidance to your viewers. Thanks to a carefully thought-out interactive structure, the viewer is given control over what information he or she wants to receive. This means customization on a scale that is not possible with traditional videos.

Some viewers may want to go in depth and gather extensive information, while others may be considering immediate action. By offering these streams within the same video, you meet both needs. All with just one video. The result is a versatile viewing experience that adapts to your audience's individual preferences. This not only increases understanding and engagement, but also leads to significantly higher viewing rates. Offering choices is a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your message. With interactive video, you don't just provide information, you truly connect. You address the specific needs of your viewers and offer a unique experience that lasts.

Interactive video
100% customization of the highest level Creating an interactive video, here's how we do it!

Do you want to have an interactive video made? Our working method consists of several phases, each of which is an important part of creating an interactive video that perfectly matches your vision.


The process starts with a thorough preparation. During a kick-off meeting we discuss your goals, the message you want to convey and the style you have in mind. With this input, we get to work to develop a detailed production plan.


In the production phase, our experienced team brings the plan to life. We ensure a smooth production with attention to every detail so that the final video matches your exact expectations. Our professionals ensure proper lighting, camera angles and sound quality.


During the post-production phase, the video is further refined. We select the best images, add appropriate music, sound effects and creative animation elements to make the video engaging and informative. We also ensure smooth editing. The result is a high-quality interactive video that conveys your message in a clear and attractive way, ready to captivate and inform your target audience.

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We combine our passion for storytelling with technical expertise to produce unique interactive videos. Our experience allows us to seamlessly integrate animated elements that take the viewer on a visual journey, while clearly and effectively communicating your message. Our approach is always customized and we work closely with you from concept to delivery, ensuring the final product matches your exact expectations. Discover the possibilities of interactive video with Beeldsterk and increase engagement, understanding and retention of your target audience. Contact us free of obligation.

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