Why choose our event photography?

Documenting your event in images is not just about taking pictures, but capturing the essence and story behind each special moment. Our event photographers are experts at creating visual images that aptly capture the atmosphere, emotions and meaning of your event. 

With our experience and technical skills, we ensure that every important detail is captured with precision. Whether it's an anniversary, wedding, corporate party, festival or other event, we see value in every moment and every smile. By choosing our event photography by Beeldsterk, you are choosing images that allow you to relive the moment every time you view them.

Event photography
Event photography
A great collaboration

Event photography: more than just pictures

We believe that event photography goes beyond just capturing images. It's about building trust, providing professional service and offering a fine collaboration. Our team of event photographers understands the unique nature of each event and looks beyond just the technical aspect. We take the time to understand your vision and fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of your event. Reliability is our top priority and we strive tirelessly to exceed your expectations. With our professional approach and personal commitment, we don't just capture moments, we forge a collaborative experience that makes your event even more special.

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Event photography
Event photography

Event photography rates

With event photography, there are several factors that play a role in the final cost. Here you can think of factors such as the duration of the event, the location of the event, the associated travel costs for our photographer, the type of event, the number of desired photos and post-processing of the photos. To create an accurate custom quote, we would love to meet with you! Together we'll discuss your specific needs and expectations, as well as the details of the event. From here we get to work on preparing a quote that fully meets all your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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Event photography
Event photography in 3 phases Your event, our professional photos

At Beeldsterk, we take a thorough and thoughtful approach to event photography. We do this so that the core of your event is captured in a way that has lasting impact. Our approach begins with a creative session, where we work with you to develop the full concept. This includes the story you want to tell, the desired look and feel and the core message you want to convey. We are focused on capturing meaningful moments that resonate with your target audience.


In our pre-production phase, we go on to organize all the practical aspects. We map out your requirements to get a clear idea of the intended result. This ensures that our creative vision stays in line with the practical execution.


During the production stage, our creative crew receives the final briefing and we start working on the photo shoot according to the worked out plans. Here we bring the story and desired mood to life through images.


After the photo shoot, we make sure that all images are carefully saved and edited according to your wishes. This entire process, from creative concept development to delivery of the final product, is infused with our commitment to professionalism, detail orientation and understanding the unique nature of your event. With Beeldsterk, your event gets the visual attention and care it deserves.

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Beeldsterk as your event photographer

Are you looking for a reliable partner to capture the atmosphere of your event? Then choose Beeldsterk for your event photography. We translate the unique experience of your event into images that inform and inspire. With our well-thought-out approach we guarantee that your moments are captured in a powerful way. Emotional highlights, the interaction of participants or the overall atmosphere, our experienced team is ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us and discover how Beeldsterk can help you create professional event photos that really stick.

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Event photography
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