What is food photography?

With food photography we capture food in a tasty and refined way. This is not just about photographing dishes, but also about creating images that stimulate the senses and tell a story. Our professional food photographers use specialized techniques in lighting, composition and styling to emphasize the natural beauty and flavor of the food.

Are you looking for a food photographer? You can contact Beeldsterk to capture culinary delights for a menu, a cookbook or an online platform. Food photography brings the essence of dishes to life and arouses the audience's appetite. It is a crucial element in the marketing and presentation of food and plays a major role in the experience of the culinary world.

Food photography by Beeldsterk
To tasty images in 3 phases Our process as a food photographer

At Beeldsterk we believe in a structured approach to capturing irresistible food photos. Our working method follows three clear steps: pre-production, production and post-production. Throughout the entire process, your brand identity and your goals are central, as the common thread that guides our creative efforts.


When taking food photos, we start with a creative session. Together we develop the complete concept for the photo shoot, including the story, the desired look and feel and the core message. We delve deeper into what you want to communicate to your target audience and what emotions and feelings you want to arouse with the food photos. Working with you, we determine the essential characteristics of your business, including the visual style, voice, unique selling points and the value you offer to your target audience.


Our production crew then gets to work producing the raw footage according to the guidelines established in the pre-production stage. This is where the story, look and feel and intended objectives are brought together into vivid images that convey the desired message. Of course, we make sure that all raw data is double backed up so that we can also make any changes in the future.


In the post-production phase, the magic comes to life. What begins as a rough cut is optimized to the finest detail, taking into account any rounds of feedback. This includes editing the images according to your requirements.

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Food photographer: food photos to suit your taste

We believe that every culinary creation has a story to tell and our food photographers are masters at capturing these stories. Using subtle nuances of food styling and lighting, we strive to create images that not only look tasty, but also reflect the passion and dedication behind each dish. Whether it's imagining a delicate dish or capturing the robust flavors of street food, we tailor our expertise to meet your unique needs. Together we transform your vision into photos that not only tantalize the taste buds, but also provide a visual experience that does justice to your culinary masterpieces. Discover the possibilities of food photography with Beeldsterk and let us work together on images that capture the essence of your dishes.

Food photography by Beeldsterk

Discover all the possibilities of food photography by Beeldsterk

Are you looking for a way to present your culinary creations in a tasty and irresistible way? Then choose Beeldsterk's expertise in food photography! We translate your culinary vision into seductive images that capture not only the taste, but also the essence of your dishes. With our well-thought-out approach we guarantee inspiring food photos that stimulate the senses.

The fine details of your dishes, the fresh ingredients and atmospheric compositions, our experienced and specialized team is ready to bring your culinary creations to life. Contact us and discover how Beeldsterk can help you capture the taste and appearance of your dishes with professional food photography.

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Food photography by Beeldsterk
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