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There are several options when it comes to having a promotional video made. At Beeldsterk, your choices include animation, video ads and graphics, depending on what you want to convey. Animation is perfect for explaining complex issues simply with a touch of creativity. Video ads are more to the point, meant to highlight a product or service. Graphics allow you to present data or statistics in a visually appealing way.

The beauty of a good promotional video is its impact on the audience. It's not just about sharing information, but about creating a connection with your target audience. An apt advertising video can grab attention, tell your brand's story and inspire viewers to take action. It's a way to not only be seen, but remembered.

Advertising video
Discover how you can use promotional video effectively

The benefits of having a promotional video made

Advertising videos offer a quick and clear way to get your message across, sharing a lot of information in a short period of time. Having a promotional video made is an opportunity to present the essence of your brand in an attractive and memorable way.

The beauty of advertising videos is that they help reach and engage your target audience. A good advertising video can not only inform, but also entertain and inspire. It is a way to show your brand personality, build trust and create a relationship with your audience. Moreover, videos are easy to share on social media, which increases your brand's online visibility and helps reach a larger audience. By having a promotional video made, you are investing in an effective way to communicate your message and create a strong visual identity.

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Advertising video
Advertising video
Customized video to your wishes Get a promotional video made by Beeldsterk

When you get a promotional video made by Beeldsterk, you choose a professional and thoughtful approach. We guide the process from idea to completion in three clear stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Below we explain our working method:


In this preparatory phase, your vision is central. Together with you, we go through a number of steps:

  • Creative session: Together we brainstorm the creative concept, the message you want to convey and how we will do it.
  • Story development: What exactly do you want to communicate to your target audience? We help you convert the core message into a captivating story.
  • Look & feel: Together we determine the visual style of the video. What atmosphere should the video exude and how does this connect with your brand?
  • Production plan: All ideas are summarized in a clear and understandable production plan, so everyone knows what needs to be done.


Now it's time to put the plan into action. With a professional team and the right equipment, we get to work telling your story.

  • Crew briefing: Our team receives a clear briefing to understand the vision for the desired outcome.
  • Shooting days: In accordance with the production plan, the shoots are made, where we bring your story and look and feel to life.


The final phase focuses on perfecting the promotional video.

  • Editing and finishing: The raw material is carefully edited and finished into a professional video.
  • Audio design and color processing: The right soundtrack and color processing ensure a complete and professional-looking video.

Through this structured and personal approach, we ensure that the promotional video seamlessly matches your expectations and goals. With Beeldsterk you don't just get a promotional video, but an experienced partner who thinks with you to achieve the best results.

Discover the possibilities of having a promotional video made by Beeldsterk

Having a promotional video made is a step towards more effective communication with your target audience. With Beeldsterk, you can count on a professional approach and a final product that clearly conveys your message. Our experienced team specializes in creating advertising videos that appeal and make an impact. Whether you are launching a new product or strengthening your brand identity, we are happy to help. Then contact us and together we'll explore how a customized advertising video can reinforce your message and engage your target audience with your brand.

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Advertising video
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