Powerful product videos are essential

A product video is a powerful marketing tool that can capture and hold the attention of potential customers. Through images, sounds and visual effects, a product video can communicate a product's unique features and benefits in an engaging and compelling way.

A product video can increase consumer confidence and it can also help explain complex products or processes in a simpler way, giving potential customers a better understanding of what the product has to offer. 

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Steps to a professional product video Making a product video, how we work

We believe in a structured approach and work in three clear steps: pre-production, production and post-production. Here, our focus is on your brand identity and goals, which serve as a common thread throughout the process. You remain involved in the process throughout, so we can effectively deliver the right message to the right audience.


Having a product video made begins with the pre-production phase. In the pre-production phase, we lay the foundation for creating high-quality product videos. Everything starts with a creative session where we develop the whole creative concept together. We discuss the story you want to communicate to your target audience and any feelings and emotions you want to trigger. In addition, we work with you to determine the key features of your business. This includes not only the desired look and feel of the video, but also the tone of voice you want to convey and the value you offer to the target audience. These elements form the basis for creating a product video that closely aligns with your brand identity and goals.


After we have made all the preparations in the pre-production phase, we move on to the actual shooting. During the shooting day(s), our professional production crew comes into action. They make sure that the raw material for the product videos is captured, closely following the shooting documents we prepared during pre-production. This way we combine the story, the desired look and feel and the objectives we have in mind.


In the post-production phase, everything comes together. We take the rough cut and transform it step by step down to the smallest detail so that the vision can become reality. This phase includes a series of essential steps, such as editing, individual text animations and audio synchronization. Once post-production is complete, it is time to export and deliver the finished product videos in the desired format. This way, the videos can be easily shared and used on various platforms and channels.

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Do you want to present your product in a compelling and professional way? Then choose to have your product video made by an experienced and specialized team. At Beeldsterk, you've come to the right place! We are experts in producing high quality product videos that perfectly capture the essence of your product. With our experience and creative approach, we make sure your product video stands out and impresses your target audience.

Contact us and discover the possibilities of taking your product to the next level with a professional product video from Beeldsterk.

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