What is an infographic?

An infographic is an effective visual tool to convey information in an engaging way. Through clever use of image, text and graphic elements, an infographic transforms complex data into understandable and recognizable visuals. This is all about finding the right balance between visual elements and text, so that we can create infographics that leave a lasting impression. 

By using visual communication, information not only becomes clearer and more understandable, but also easier to remember. At Beeldsterk, we use this unique ability to present your message in a distinctive and impactful way with an infographic.

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An unique combination of image, text and graphic elements

Why have an infographic created?

With an infographic, you can convey a (complex) piece of information clearly and convincingly. The human brain is highly visual, so an infographic makes factual information visually appealing to the reader. These infographics are the ideal complement to instructional videos and animations.

By cleverly combining images, text and graphics, we make complex information understandable and appealing. The result is a visual presentation that sticks with the viewer. Infographics enable your target audience to instantly grasp the essence of your message. Moreover, you can give clear instructions through an infographic. People who follow instructions with illustrations perform better than those without illustrations. This makes infographics an extremely effective means of conveying information. Would you also like to have an infographic created? Contact us so we can work together to create an infographic that will stay with your audience!

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Have an infographic created
Have an infographic created

Making an infographic, this is how we work

At Beeldsterk, we use a professional working method that allows you to get an infographic made that conveys your message convincingly. We start with an intake meeting. Here we take the time to understand your vision, goals and message. This valuable input forms the basis for the infographic. Then we make rough sketches. This provides a first impression of how the final infographic will come across. Our team of talented designers make the infographic come to life with appealing visual elements.

Our thoughtful approach and extensive expertise ensure that every infographic we create is a powerful tool to get your message across and impress your target audience. Together, we bring your ideas to life in clear, appealing visuals!

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Different types of infographics

Just as no two stories are the same, there are different types of infographics, each suitable for a different purpose. Therefore, we offer different types of infographics, each with their specific purpose and impact. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to commission the perfect infographic that best tells your story.

Informative infographics

Simplify complex data and make it understandable.

Comparative infographics

Offer clear insights by comparing data.

Chronological infographics

Tell a story in the right order for a clear overview.

Process infographics

Illustrate the steps of a procedure for a structured understanding.

Location infographics

Clarify geographic information for a clear overview.

Want to have infographics made? It can be done by Beeldsterk!

We translate your vision into a visually strong infographic that impresses your target audience. With our thoughtful approach, we guarantee infographics that not only inform but also inspire. So, if you're looking for a partner who can convey your message in a powerful and memorable way, choose Beeldsterk to have your infographic created. Contact us and find out how we can help you get an infographic created that will have a lasting impact on your target audience. Let us work together to bring your ideas to life in clear, appealing visuals.

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