What is promotional photography?

Promotional photography is a form of photography in which the goal is to present products, services or brands in an attractive way. Unlike other photography genres, such as portrait or landscape photography, promotional photography has a commercial purpose: to generate interest and drive action from the viewer. Promotional photos are your brand's calling card. They are the first thing potential customers often see, making them an indispensable part of your marketing strategy.

A strong promotional photo tells at a glance what your brand stands for. Whether it's a product photo that highlights the product's unique features or an atmosphere photo that communicates your brand's values, promotional photography helps to make a lasting impression and reinforce your brand's identity. At Beeldsterk, we help you create this visual identity and tell your brand story through appealing promotional photography.

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Promotional photography is a broad field with different specializations, each with its own unique approach and purpose. Choosing the right promotional photos is important to get the right message across and effectively target your audience. Here are some types of promotional photos our advertisement photographers offer:

  • Product photography: Focuses on capturing products in an attractive and compelling way. The goal is to highlight the functions, benefits and unique features of the product. Good product photos can boost sales and increase customer confidence in your brand.
  • Portrait photography: Is often about capturing individuals who represent a brand. Whether they are employees, models or clients, a professionally created business portrait photograph can put a human face on your brand and create an emotional connection with your target audience.
  • Interior photography: For brands in the interior or real estate industry, interior photography is essential. It's about capturing spaces in a way that highlights atmosphere, style and functionality. With high-quality interior photos, you can give potential clients a glimpse of what you have to offer.
  • Food photography: In the culinary world, enticing photos of dishes or products are essential to stimulate viewers' senses. Promotional photos in this category must be attractive to generate interest.
  • Event photography: Photographing important corporate events or product launches can also fall under promotional photography. These photos are ideal for promotional purposes and to create engagement with your community.

Each form of promotional photography has its own set of techniques and approaches. At Beeldsterk, we have the expertise to help you choose and execute the right photography that brings your brand forward.

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Advertising photography
Advertising photography

Benefits of promotional photos

Having promotional photos taken is a smart move for any brand. It helps you build a strong visual identity. With the right images, you tell your brand story and make a lasting impression. Your products or services come into better focus, which helps in attracting and keeping the attention of your target audience. This is especially important in a time when people scroll through content quickly. A good promotional photo can grab attention and make people linger with your content longer.

Additionally, promotional photography is versatile and valuable to your marketing strategy. The photos can be used in many different ways and platforms, such as on your website, social media, in advertisements or print materials. This way you get more value for your money. At Beeldsterk, we would love to help you maximize the power of promotional photography for your brand.

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Advertising photography
This is how we work The working method of Beeldsterk

At Beeldsterk, we employ a carefully thought-out process for every advertising photography project, divided into three manageable phases: pre-production, production and post-production.


In the pre-production phase, we begin with a creative session to understand your brand's core message and your specific needs. We work together to determine the look and feel of the photos. Then we move on to the organizational aspects of the shoot, such as selecting the right location, arranging the necessary equipment and scheduling the shoot.


During the production phase, everything is prepared for the photo shoot. With a clear briefing for our crew, we ensure smooth execution on the photography day(s). Here we capture the raw material according to the prepared plan, paying attention to lighting, composition and the desired look.


In the post-production phase, we proceed to select and edit the best images. The photos are carefully edited for color, lighting and composition to perfectly match your brand identity. Finally, the finished images are exported and delivered in the desired format, ready to shine in your marketing campaigns. With this structured approach, Beeldsterk provides promotional photos that put your brand on the map.

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Promotional photography at Beeldsterk

Looking for high-profile promotional photos that put your brand in the spotlight? At Beeldsterk, you've come to the right place. Our team of expert advertisement photographers specializes in creating visually appealing and compelling promotional photos that capture the essence of your brand. Whether you want to showcase your latest product line or convey the unique atmosphere of your corporate space, we have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life. So, if you're ready to take your brand's visual identity to a new level, contact us and find out how Beeldsterk can help you with promotional photography that stands out and makes a lasting impression.

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Advertising photography
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