What is a timelapse video?

A timelapse is a video composed of a series of photographs in which a slowly changing process is shown in accelerated fashion. By taking a series of photos at regular time intervals and editing them back to back, a fluid video is created that shows the evolution of a scene at lightning speed.

Timelapse videos are suitable for capturing prolonged events or subtle changes in the environment. For example, consider a sunset, the growth of a plant or the construction of a building. This technique offers a unique view of the world around us and shows changes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Having a timelapse made
Unique overview of the entire construction

Timelapse construction project

A construction project often takes months to complete. Therefore, having Beeldsterk make a timelapse of your construction project is an excellent choice. This gives you a unique overview of the entire construction, without you having to be continuously present. Our timelapse video captures the transformation of your project in an engaging way. It shows not only the physical progress, but also the commitment and dedication of the entire team. Moreover, it provides valuable content for various purposes, such as future evaluations and marketing materials. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that every detail of the construction process is clearly captured. The result is an interesting visual representation of the growth and development of your project, ready to share and present.

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Having a timelapse made
Having a timelapse made

Timelapse a production process

Similar to construction projects, a timelapse of your production process can provide valuable insight into an often time-intensive and complex process. Through a series of sequenced photographs, an accelerated view of the production process is created. This gives the viewer a clear overview of the steps and development of the entire process. For manufacturing companies, this represents a powerful way to visually present their work processes. Our timelapse video not only captures the practical progress, but also potentially highlights the commitment of the team behind the production. We ensure that every detail of the production process is clearly captured, creating an impressive visual representation of the efficiency and development of your production process.

Having a timelapse made
A streamlined process Making timelapse, this is how we work

At Beeldsterk, we work diligently through several stages to create a timelapse video that brings your project to life.


Before we get started, we schedule a kick-off meeting to coordinate all the details. Here your input is incorporated into a detailed production plan, which we go over together in a follow-up meeting. In this phase, we develop the creative concept, define the story and determine the look and feel that powerfully conveys your project.


With the production plan as a guide, we give our photographers the final briefing and outline the desired vision. During the shooting days, raw material is captured according to the set guidelines from the pre-production phase. A double backup of all raw data ensures that we can respond flexibly to any adjustments in post-production.


This is where the magic comes to life. What starts as a rough cut evolves after several rounds of feedback into a timelapse in the finest detail. We ensure a flawless audiovisual experience by adding appropriate soundtracks, fine-tuning colors and implementing visual effects. The finished timelapse videos are exported and delivered in your desired format.

At Beeldsterk, our service does not end with delivery. If required, we work with our partners to arrange distribution through the appropriate channels so that your timelapse video reaches the right audience.

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Timelapse made by Beeldsterk

Would you like to have an impressive timelapse video made by a professional and specialized team? At Beeldsterk, you've come to the right place! With our creative approach, we ensure that your timelapse stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it's capturing a construction project, a production process or showing other lengthy events, we are ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us and discover the possibilities of taking your project to the next level with a professional timelapse created by Beeldsterk.

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Having a timelapse made
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