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In this article The clear added value of a video production for your business. The added value 1 living communication 2 Emotional connection: 3 Presentation of products and services: 4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 5 Variety of applications: Conclusion: The value of a visual masterpiece

The clear added value of a video production for your business.

Sometimes we get the following question: what value does video add for us if we use it as a marketing tool? It's an understandable question. Although you would think that everyone would see the power of video by now. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Of course, as a video marketing agency, we understand the enormous power of video, as it is also our daily work. Therefore, in this blog post we want to discuss a few points about the added value video production can have for you and your business in the long run and why it is an investment in the future.

It is becoming clear that visual, short, informative videos combined with humor and liveliness are becoming increasingly important in the business world. Whether it is a customer for a makeup product, a government official or an accountant, at the end of the day, we are all human and always interested in consuming content that is short, informative and humorous. We can no longer speak of a trend. It is a new era and this new era is creating new needs. No other marketing tool meets these needs better than video - informative, humorous, emotional and, if desired, short and to the point. Companies that choose video production are choosing a powerful tool that conveys messages and enhances brand image. But what exactly does this added value look like? Let's take a closer look at that.

Value-added video production

The added value

1 living communication

Unlike still images, videos are vivid and offer the ability to convey information in a way that sticks. By combining images, sound and often text, complex content can be conveyed in an understandable and humorous way. Customers do not get the feeling that they have just solved a difficult math problem. Today's customers in particular appreciate the ability to receive important information quickly, briefly, emotionally and with humor so they can then make a decision.

2 Emotional connection:

When it comes to picking up your customers emotionally, you can't ignore video. No other tool succeeds in evoking emotions and creating a personal connection like the use of video. This is clearly video's greatest strength. It has been proven that stories told visually are often remembered longer than text or still images alone. Companies that want to stay in their customers' minds for a long time should prioritize video marketing. They will be able to create emotionally engaging content that is easier to digest, which helps strengthen brand loyalty.

3 Presentation of products and services:

In our daily lives, we are all customers. As individuals or as business owners. Now be the customer for a moment and imagine that you are interested in a product or service and want more information to make a decision. Of course, it depends on what stage of the buying process you are in. To keep it simple: you are interested in a new television, but haven't thought about it yet. They would like a quick overview and some initial information. What are they more likely to do? Read through a long text, get inspired by a picture or watch a short video that quickly gives you all the information you need at this stage? Most people choose the latter. If you are an entrepreneur, a light bulb should come on now. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to focus your marketing efforts on creating and using video now. You can start developing a video marketing strategy today by creating video content that shows complex products and services in an authentic and understandable way, making it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. That's the power of video production!

4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google and co. have long recognized the power and importance of videos. This is precisely why search engines prefer multimedia content and often reward websites that use videos with a better position in search results. This means more visibility, more traffic and therefore more potential customers for these websites. There is still a lot of potential here. It is believed that only 60% of websites worldwide use video in some form. This figure gives a lot of hope, because the potential is far from exhausted. Companies that recognize this trend for themselves and use video production as a marketing tool can enjoy better positioning, more traffic and thus more customers and thus more sales.

5 Variety of applications:

A great advantage of video productions is their versatility. From commercials and product presentations to training videos and corporate presentations - the application possibilities are almost unlimited. Customers can be addressed in many different ways.
6 Social media relevance:

Social media plays a big role these days. Both private and business. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn and Twitter are focusing more and more on visual content. Videos are becoming more and more of a priority. Even Google has jumped on the bandwagon with its own format, "Shorts," which enables short and quick video content. Today's customers expect both visually appealing and informative content, and only video can meet this expectation.

Value-added video production

Conclusion: The value of a visual masterpiece

The purpose of this blog post was to show how a video production today can clearly add value to your business and lay the foundation for a successful future.

The added value of a video production from the customer's perspective cannot only be measured in numbers or statistics, but more importantly in how customers interact with your brand and your business. Videos offer a unique opportunity to tell stories, evoke emotions and strengthen customer loyalty. They are a powerful tool in the modern marketing landscape and play a key role in ensuring that your messages are not only heard, but understood. From social media to search engine optimization to the modern customer, all indications are that successful businesses are and will continue to be those who have discovered the power of video marketing.

Therefore, investing in high-quality video production not only pays off in the short term, but lays the foundation for a long-term and successful customer relationship.

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